Do you despair about the way NZ is heading?
Help us put these things right:

  1. Govern with Common Sense

  2. Respect Women & Mothers

  3. Encourage Manliness

  4. Reclaim your Freedoms

  5. Value Farmers & Growers

  6. Educate for Success

  7. Freely Debate "The Science"

Let's smile again NZ.

Govern with common sense

Members of Parliament should be real people, with real life experience, not career politicians.

Democracy is hard work. It requires realism, common sense, wisdom with money, and listening to voters. These skills are currently in short supply in parliament.Real People Solving Real Issues.

Respecting Mothers

Mothers should feel honoured and empowered as treasured members of New Zealand society.

Our amazing mums should not be disrespected by the Ministry of Health persisting in using the term "pregnant people" instead of expecting mothers.Mothers are unique and should be cherished and honoured as the givers of life.

Encourage Manliness

Great fathers, sons and husbands are everywhere, but need to be encouraged to fulfill their potential.

New Zealand's long term problem of fatherless is not helped by telling men and boys that their masculinity is toxic and unwelcome.We celebrate manliness as boys and young men take responsibility for themselves, grow in strength and wisdom, and realise their potential.A society where both sexes are strong and equal is full of hope for the future.

Reclaim your Freedoms

The age old freedoms we have enjoyed are under attack.

You, your children, and your grandchildren, should be free to clearly voice your opinion, and live in a way that a traditional society accepts, with love and respect for others.We strongly stand against cancel culture. You shall be free to speak frankly and openly without fear of cancellation, arrest or imprisonment because someone disagrees.

Protect Womanhood

The term "woman" should be protected by law and reserved for humans born female.

Everyone should be free to express themselves and be respected. The term "woman" should be protected based on biology, not ideology.Women have fought hard to enjoy equality with men.These gains must be preserved, which means the use of the term "woman" must be protected.

Value our Food Growers

We should be able to sleep easy knowing that our food resources are safe and that farmers are not being priced off the land by extreme environmental ideology.

Farming, and the safety of NZ's food supply chain should far outrank any and all attempts to "save the planet". Farmers need to be free to grow our food, and to help New Zealanders eat the cheaper, healthier food that we are known for throughout the world.We value clean air, clean water, and clean soil. Care for the environment must focus on real problems and protecting our food supply.

Restoring Schooling

Let's get back to teaching the basics. Children should come out of school knowing how to fit into society, not expecting society to fit around them.

We believe that every child should have a great education in English, Maths and other core subjects. Children should learn about the rise and fall of civilisations and the freedoms that New Zealand has fought for.

Freely Debate "The Science"

History tells us that real progress is made when ideas can be openly debated.

It wasn't that long ago that New Zealand doctors were recommending smoking! This was what the science of the time told them. But science changes as ideas and information grow.So let's put all the information on the table and humbly seek the truth. Healthy debate is in the nations interest.

New Conservatives

  1. Strong Families

  2. Personal Responsibility

  3. Reducing Government Intrusion

  4. A Thriving Economy

  5. Limited Government

  6. Freedom of Speech and Assembly

  7. Local Decision Making

  8. Low Inflation

  9. A Strong Stable Currency

  10. Safe Streets

  11. National Sovereignty

  12. Fair Democratic Process

  13. Equality Before the Law

  14. Valuing Life From Conception to Natural Death

  15. Protecting Children from Radical Gender Ideology

  16. Bringing Balance to Climate Science


What can I do about it?

Firstly you can give your PARTY VOTE to the New Conservatives in this years election.If you like these ideas then help us get others to understand again how great New Zealand can be, and help them smile too!

New Conservatives

Why should you use your party vote for New Conservatives?

By giving us your party vote, you are supporting a party that prioritises common sense governance, respects women and mothers, encourages traditional values, and advocates for personal freedoms. Your party vote is essential to bring about positive changes and restore New Zealand's values and prosperity.

What is a party vote?

Maybe you are new to New Zealand's MMP electoral system and don't quite remember how it works?A party vote is the vote cast by you for the political party you want to represent you in Parliament. It determines the proportion of seats each party gets and plays a crucial role in forming the government and shaping policies.A party only needs to win 5% of all party votes cast to get seats in Parliament.

Why your party vote is important to New Conservatives?

Your party vote is crucial to us as it directly influences the number of seats we will be allocated in Parliament.By supporting the New Conservatives with your party vote, you help ensure our voice is heard and our values are represented in shaping our nation's future.

Why EVERY party vote counts to
restoring New Zealand?

In New Zealand's MMP system, parties need to reach the 5% threshold to gain seats in Parliament. Every party vote contributes to this threshold and can make a significant difference in determining whether we can bring about positive change and restore important values in the country.Your party vote matters in building a stronger, more balanced democracy for New Zealand when conservatives have a real seat at the table.


Display our Signage

We need to get our message hoarding signage out there, so other New Zealander's can vote for New Conservatives

We need your help to fund our signage for this election! Without theses signs our message will be lost to Kiwi's who care about the future of this beautiful country.Click below to sponsor a 1220x2440mm hoarding sign, and let us know if you can help install and remove them in your district.

Sponsor our Printing

Can you help us get the message out by paying to print flyers for your surrounding neighbourhoods and delivering them?

If you can donate and deliver these then you would be making a big difference in helping grow the New Conservatives Party Vote in this years General Election.

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